Day: October 21, 2013

Strengthening the state

Source: ET In a situation where we see what amounts to a breakdown of the rule of law, any attempt to strengthen the writ of the state is to be welcomed. The declaration on October 20, by the federal government of all peace-disrupting elements as ‘enemies’ of the state, and the […]

Robert Fisk: It took decades for truth to be revealed in Algeria. How long will it take Syria? Algeria’s ‘timid’ historians shy away from revealing the ugly reality about war

Major General Jamaa Jamaa was not a popular man in Beirut. One of Syria’s most senior intelligence officers in Lebanon until the withdrawal of Bashar al-Assad’s troops in 2005, he was headquartered in the run-down Beau Rivage Hotel in west Beirut and also in the Bekaa town of Anjaar, where […]