Former anti-Islam film producer turned Muslim made pilgrim to Hajj

A Dutch politician, Arnoud Van Doorn, who was once a harsh critic of Islam and had taken part in the production of a highly controversial anti-Islam film (Fitna) , performed Hajj this year after converting to Islam a year ago, Saudi Arabian daily Saudi Gazette reported last week.

Arnoud Van Doorn, a former member of the Geert Wilders racist Dutch Party for Freedom, converted to Islam after propagating against the religion for years, including participating in the production of a film which portrayed Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) wrongly.

Talking to the daily, Van Doorn said he bitterly regrets having taken part in the production of the hateful film Fitna (Sedition) adding he was in the holy sites to atone for his sins.


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  1. Allaho Yahdi Mann Yashao. It is Allah who directs some one to right path. His good luck. May Allah grant him steadfastness.

  2. Allahu Akbar. I just want to congratulate him for Allah’s guidance in his life and called on other Muslim to have Sabr(patience) in whatever evil been perpatrated against islam by its enemy because Allah has promised to protect his deen. He (Allah swt) can change its greatest enemy to be its greatest helper. We seen such scenario before in the time of the rasul( pbuh.)

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