Day: October 3, 2013

Isreal must adopt a new approach: Washington Post

By Walter Pincus, Washington Post, Published: October 2 It’s time for Israel to stop making military threats and to propose an imaginative diplomatic move — risky as it may seem — to help ease nuclear tensions in the Middle East. It can start by acknowledging its own nuclear weapons program. It has accused […]

Catholic Church Defends Ritual Slaughter

Arutz Sheva: The Body representing the Catholic Church in Poland has said the right of Jews and Muslims to carry out their religious practices must not be infringed. The Presidium of the Polish Episcopal Conference issued a statement in relation to the ban saying that the practice of slaughter without […]

European Council Calls for Circumcision Ban

Arutz Sheva: The European Council calls circumcision of children a violation of human rights, calls for legal ban until age 15. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a pan-European group, has passed a resolution condemning circumcision of children as a violation of human rights, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency […]

Terror Has No Religion

Huff Post: by Harun Yahya – The essence of Islam is love, compassion and friendship. Muslims are obliged to defend and protect the freedom of thought and faith with the command in the Koran, “You have your religion and I have my religion” (109:6) and “…There is no compulsion where […]