Day: October 16, 2013

Pakistan: a culture of intolerance

Source: Asia Times: Pakistan’s impoverished and peaceful Christian community has endured mob rampages, blasphemy charges, and was largely spared the ravages of suicide bombings, till last month. Suicide bombings on September 22 at Peshawar’s All-Saints Church, which is designed like a mosque to reflect inter-faith harmony, killed 83 worshippers and […]

Egypt: Relations with United States in ‘turmoil’

Source: TOI: CAIRO: Egypt’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that relations between his country andthe United States are in “turmoil” followingWashington’s decision to suspend delivery of tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to Egypt. The suspension, announced last week, came in response to the unrest in the wake of the July 3 military coup that […]

Time out:

Source: Dawn.Com: It was, perhaps, inevitable given the work ethic that prevails in Pakistan. After initially declaring a three-day holiday period for Eidul Azha, the federal government followed Sindh’s lead and, on Monday, announced that on Friday, too, the country would be taking time out from business as usual, thus […]

Asia: What’s at Stake for America

Source: The Conservative Papers: The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center recently released “A New View of Asia: 24 Charts That Show What’s at Stake for America,” an annual publication highlighting the critical importance of U.S.–Asia relations. The report documents in graphic form important economic, geographic, military, and political trends in the region […]