Pakistan: a culture of intolerance

Source: Asia Times:

Pakistan’s impoverished and peaceful Christian community has endured mob rampages, blasphemy charges, and was largely spared the ravages of suicide bombings, till last month. Suicide bombings on September 22 at Peshawar’s All-Saints Church, which is designed like a mosque to reflect inter-faith harmony, killed 83 worshippers and injured more than 125, bringing to focus how the danger minorities face in the militancy raging across Pakistan. With almost a bomb a day since Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government took over in June, the church was indeed a soft target.


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  1. In order to roll intolerance back Pakistani leadership seriously needs to take stock and begin anew by looking at the curriculum, its inciteful media and societal discourse that is promoting extremism, much of it against the teachings of Islam. Pakistan needs to adopt fair economic policies that provide opportunities to the youth. The state must establish rule of law without fear or favor, value human life, and provide essential services to the less privileged.
    Above opinion could be your idea for achieving the success. However I strongly consider it incomplete suggestion. The biggest problem is the mind set of the nation. Unless it is not changed no remedial measure will succeed. To me the best solution is separation of state from the religion. Let religion be the private matter of an individual with his Creator. State should deal equally with all those who are by choice Pakistanis irrespective of religion, ethnicity, creed, color and sex. That is what is required for a successful Pakistan. If it is not ensured write it some where the days fore the country are being counted down.

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