A Worldwide Fight Against Street Harassment

The NewYork Times: by Joe Sharkey –

Female friends and I began having conversations with male friends who were shocked to hear our stories. One guy looked at me and said, ‘You live in a different New York City than I do.’ And I was like, ‘What’s up with that? Why do I live in a different New York City?’ ”

THE reality of street harassment against women who are traveling dawned on me some years ago in Rabat, Morocco, when my wife rushed back into our hotel room looking uncharacteristically shaken. She had ventured out alone on an errand, and had been accosted on a street near the Kasbah by a group of men, several of whom barked and made lewd comments, one of whom exposed himself. In broad daylight.

Actually, you may already know this story, if you’re a woman who travels by herself. Mostly, around the world, even in exotic locales, street life is serene and manageable. Sometimes, though, women see a very different street than men see.


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