Strengthening the state

Source: ET

In a situation where we see what amounts to a breakdown of the rule of law, any attempt to strengthen the writ of the state is to be welcomed. The declaration on October 20, by the federal government of all peace-disrupting elements as ‘enemies’ of the state, and the promulgation of the Pakistan Protection Ordinance, 2013, signed by President Mamnoon Hussain on prime ministerial advice, is good news. The new law adds to those that already exist, including the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Ordinance 2013 introduced less than two weeks ago, and empowers civilian and military security forces to act against any elements pursuing terror or fear by treating them as foes. The security forces have also been empowered to act against criminal syndicates with the required degree of force; police working is to be streamlined by setting up specialised stations to deal with particular categories of crime, and foreign persons, notably those engaged in unlawful activities, are to be acted against.


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  1. It will add another peak to pyramid of junk laws. Merely adding laws and rules never produce results unless implemented in letter and spirit. Cure for the mother of all the problems which is mind set has never been addressed. One side state is enacting laws and on the other side curriculum in educaitonal institutions is incorporating relgious based hatred material against each other. Is it not a Khula Tazad? (Hypocracy)

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