Day: September 29, 2013

We Weren’t Born Selfish

Huff Post: by Matthieu Ricard – ALTRUISM – Forget everything you have been taught, because Matthieu Ricard is here to teach you a new way of interpreting the human being. A French Buddhist monk and a disciple of Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard is the author of Plaidoyer pour l’altruisme (Advocacy For Altruism), in […]

Why Rouhani may be different

Source:CNN Hassan Rouhani is the fourth Iranian President I have interviewed, and each time these discussions seem to come at crucial times. BY CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR I was struck by the fact that he agreed to say a sentence or two in English to reach the American people in their own language, saying […]

He has lost the plot?

Source: ET Imran Khan has lost the plot. His ego, his naiveté and stubborn refusal to face reality has unfortunately redefined his persona. Khan the reformer has now become Khan the apologist. Perhaps even an ally. What a waste of a perfectly good man. Together these two men hold high the fluttering […]