Why Rouhani may be different


Hassan Rouhani is the fourth Iranian President I have interviewed, and each time these discussions seem to come at crucial times.


I was struck by the fact that he agreed to say a sentence or two in English to reach the American people in their own language, saying he was bringing peace and friendship from Iran.

I recall the huge excitement there was the first time when the first reform president, Mohammad Khatami, sat down with me and delivered what many called his manifesto for moderation: change and freedom … that was in 1998.

Like Rouhani, he too was the “mullah with a smiling face” and spoke words on CNN that truly changed the tone of the country’s relations with the rest of the world.


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  1. By the way Christiane Amanpour is British-Iranian. Her father is a Muslim from Iran and her mother is a Christian from England. She is now married to a Jew. Therefore all three religions are ‘touched upon’ in her life. (not sure which one she practices, if any. Does anyone know?)

  2. Brother when some one becomes mixture of so many religions then she or he becomes just a human being. The way she conducts herself also supports this assumption.

    “mullah with a smiling face” As long any Muslim country is under the influence of Mullah, may be of smiling or weeping face, no change will ever come. Take it as writing on the wall. Narrations from Prophet of Islam had quoted that in this century the worst creature on the earth will be the Mullahs of the Muslim Ummah.

  3. Not merely a human being, a confused or misguided human being when so many religions enter your life, otherwise it is Islam that makes or guides towards a perfect human being.

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