Day: September 7, 2013

Vladimir Putin will happily let Obama sweat it out alone in Syria There is many a cautionary tale for Arab leaders – and for arrogant Western ones – about Moscow’s dealings with the Middle East

by Robert Fisk, The Independent Not many years ago, a Russian President held a late-night meeting with his special representative and asked him to fly at once to meet with an Arab dictator – to give him a personal warning on an impending American attack. If the Arab autocrat would […]

7th September: A Day of Shame for Pakistan for Ex Communicating Ahmadiyya Muslims

Parliament’s decision will not fade the Ahmadi contribution to Pakistan Source pakteahouse; September 7th, 2013 | 3 Comments Today 7th September would mark the 39th anniversary of the infamous decision by Bhutto’s parliament to declare Ahmadis ‘non-Muslims’ for the purpose of constitution. By meddling in religious matters and pandering to Mullahs, […]