What’s at Stake in Syria Response? Human Life and America’s Credibility.

Huff Post: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

The greatest danger to world peace today is the growing, self-sustaining, vicious circle of violence afflicting the Middle East and North Africa. The danger grows whether the circle is fueled by extremist ideologies or by good intentions.

Before the next round of escalation happens, we must recognize the totality of what is occurring throughout the region and begin taking a much broader approach to work toward a comprehensive peace.

As Congress debates President Obama’s proposal to punish Syria’s Assad regime for the unpardonable, inhuman crime of which it’s accused — massively gassing its own people, including children — I respectfully ask that the members consider everything that is happening.

Already, the collateral damage wreaked by both sides in Syria — most notably by the government — has been appalling. With 100,000 killed, two million refugees already fled to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and another four million displaced within Syria, the country is in economic free fall and its prospects are nothing short of horrendous.


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