Day: September 16, 2013

The Public Editor’s Journal Blog: Guardian Story on Israel and N.S.A. Is Not ‘Surprising’ Enough to Cover

By MARGARET SULLIVAN THE NEW YORK TIMES September 16, 2013 Many Times readers have been writing to me for several days about a story The Guardian broke last week, describing how the United States routinely shares with Israel intelligence information that the National Security Agency gathers on American citizens. The […]

Makkah house prices up 100%

Arab news: House prices in Makkah have risen 100 percent as a result of high demand. Residents whose houses were demolished to make way for expansion projects around the Grand Mosque have also called for new houses. Citizens are now eyeing the suburbs of the holy city, including Al-Nawaryeh, Al-Sharaie and […]

My Veil Epiphany

theguardian: by Victoria Coren Mitchell. But I know this much: I will never again think that a veiled woman is strange or unknowable. Whether we’re both right or both wrong, I will recognise her as very familiar – only, perhaps, having made her choices more decisively than I make mine. […]

Is Bismi-Llāh ar-Rahmān ar-Rahīm The First Verse Of Every Sūrah?

Source: Depend on few valid Ahādīth, بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم is actually the first verse of every Sūrah. “Qutaybah ibn Sa‘īd, Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Marwazī, and Ibn as-Sarh narrated to us; from Sa‘īd ibn Jubayr, Qutaybah said; from Haḍrat Ibn ‘Abbās(ra), he said: The Holy Prophet(SAW) used to not know the separation of Sūrah until […]