Shopping Place at L.A. County Fair has variety of vendors: Christian jewelry to a hand-washing booth to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


POMONA >> From Christian jewelry to a hand-washing booth to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Shopping Place at the L.A. County Fair has a little of everything except a lot of customers.

Vendors said business was a little slow this year. Most said it was because of the hot weather outside. According to, the temperature hit 100 degrees at 3 p.m. Sunday.

Jonathan Ghaffar of Chino was at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community booth where people could get free Qurans or other free literature on Islam just for giving their email.

Mr_ Jonathan M_A_ Ghaffar

“We’ve had it be a little slower than last year,” said Ghaffar, who records anyone who comes to his booth in a positive or negative category.

Last year, Ghaffar recorded 2,000 visitors, but the number sits at over 500 so far. Additionally, Ghaffar has had 98 percent positive visits and just 2 percent negative.

“Christians who want to convert us, that’s a positive visit,” Ghaffar said. “Most people don’t stop. Some people come back year after year. Any information on Islam, they’ll want to get because they don’t go to a bookstore.”

Ghaffar said a negative visit would be someone who asks, “How come all you Muslims are terrorists? I ask them, ‘Why are you Christians terrorists? The Ku Klux Klan … are Christians. We got nut jobs in Islam. You get them all over.”

On Friday the 13th, Ghaffar said he a woman who described herself as an atheist stole a Quran.

“She left me a copy of the Constitution,” Ghaffar said with a laugh.

At a Christian jewelry booth… continue reading at

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