Worldly events Vs Spiritual events: Sharing A Great Experience of Live Presence in Jalsa Salana UK by Dr. Ejaz Seerat, Islamabad Pakistan

(Keeping in view High Tech Modern Human Society)

I’m not sure if I will be able to explain all my feelings and experience of attending Jalsa Salana UK. But I will try my best to explain the feel of the spiritual waves, which were scattered all over the occasion and everywhere.

A few days before the Jalsa Salana I had attended live concert in London of Rahat Fatah Ali.

Talking of the atmosphere, the hall was full, and people were thrilled. Most of his music was Qawwalies and Sufi kalam, and he really sang very well. Thousands of people were waving with joy, and dancing and clapping, and enjoying themselves. I was also watching it, feeling good, enjoying, and getting good energy from them.

There were big lights of multiple colours, and of different beam of length, spreading crossing and encircling the viewers, switching off and on, and creating a romantic and very colourful atmosphere. It was very impressive and I enjoyed it.

Any way it was successful worldly event, with best and latest technologies used for music sound and lights, and once the function was over, every one moved out, least knowing each other.

I also came home, without gaining anything but just temporary pleasure, which faded as we travelled home. The only thing I remember was that I attended a live concert of Rahat Fatah Ali.

It wasn’t a big deal, made no change inside me. This does not mean that I am against these programmes, they are also part of our life, giving us temporary pleasure and an escape from day to day self imposed worries of life. These occasions are of temporary pleasures, in which we gain happiness for a while, but we cannot be dependent on them for lasting peace and happiness.

I think I would now stop writing about this event any more, as the readers may think that I am very fanatic type of person want to live an isolated life, just not interested in worldly affairs and events which Infact is not the case.

We have to live as part of this world, as this world has been created by a Great Creator, and He expects us to get into this world, and learn watch and observe it deeply, and then decide, where I am, and where I should be. We shall pass through all types of these worldly events, with great care, conscious, observing and watching them, but keeping in mind the principles and orders of God, as the way to Heaven is only after passing through this journey of life.

I wrote the above occasion in detail, as I recently attended another very big religious/social gathering of Jalsa Salana Ahmadiyya, and so I am trying to analyse the two live programmes.

Though this was also also a big great gathering, with social aspect, but this event had strong spiritual and moral messages, which is the voice of our inner self, and that is the voice of God. This aspect of our life is usually masked by the all types of worldly day to day affairs, in which we keep on flowing without analysing ourselves, and our objectives and goals of life in this world as directed by God achievements of which will show us the way to Heaven and blessings of God.

So after attending this Jalsa, I have many feelings,

1) People were attending this event with great enthusiasm, happiness, with seen and unseen, with conscious or unconscious feelings of going to get something really peaceful.

2) All types of people including newborns children women and men, elderly and disabled were thrilled to attend the Jalsa, as if everyone is going to get a bit of a piece of inner peace.

3) There was so much harmony, cooperation, and discipline, and everybody was feeling a part of each other

4) There was a great sense of belonging to a community, which has a motto of: Love for all and Hatred for none. Such a great spiritual message!

It seemed to me that there was a sense of giving relief and confidence, and motivation to each other, and also there was un seen, but can be seen, and unknown but can be known was a sense of cool and pleasant breeze of spiritualism. At this state of mind, everyone feels to be connected to each other and feel one with God.

Just as we started our journey towards Jalsa, there were feeling of anxiety, and bit of stress to be going to attend a thousand people’s gathering, nearly more than thirty thousands.

As we approached, closer to the Venue, it seemed, things are very well organised. Lot of volunteers were ready to receive us, helping in parking, and guiding to the Venue, with smiles. Even during the Jalsa all type of help, for mothers, babies, elderly, and disabled were arranged in such an organised way, that everyone was feeling as one with thousands, or thousands in one. It was a great experience of complete harmony and unity and unity for a great cause.

It shows us that how people can behave, if they are inspired and motivated spiritually. They don’t need any police or security, to behave properly, even the volunteers can handle every situation all by himself. Then the deeply touched speeches of Hazoor (aba), and other scholars, poems, Hamds and Naats-e-Rasool Allah (saw) all contributed the whole atmosphere of this majestic gathering.

The beautiful, White spotless, big markets in lush green grounds were standing high as if trying to gather some divine light and blessings for the people praying on the ground. Then the great event of Alami Bai’at was really inspiring, as all thirty thousand people as well as all the Ahmadi Muslims from around the world were connected to each other and to one symbol of unity: The Khilafat.

I really feel that all these experiences as detected by my all five sense of touch smell, taste, sight, and hearing were marvellous. But super was the sixth or inner sense, or divine sense, which is inside deep of every one of us, inspired me the most.

All the activities, all the gestures, all the arrangements, all the actions, all the hospitality, all the speeches, pointed towards the love for God and his teachings, as well as His people, and to search that divine light and path to get His blessings.

In the end I will say, that how the events differ and how the spiritual events have much more deeper and long lasting effects to change us from inside, to spend a better life in this word and get maximum reward in this life and the hereafter.

These types of spiritual events provide us to sit with our inner self, analyse ourselves, and help us to improve ourselves according to God and his Prophet’s teachings. Gracious God and his messengers and their teachings has the greatest role and impact on all the human beings and societies since the life started on this earth. It’s only the religions, in whatever form were they, have always improved the morals of society.

Now being belonging to best religion that is Islam Ahmadiyyat, we should be grateful to God. No amount of thanksgiving could suffice! In this rapidly changing world with chaos and frustration, we should try to remain in touch with our religion, and messages of God and his Prophets.
May be at any time, any moment, with the blessing of God, something may strike our heart, and our heart may be lit by the Divine light and guidance to the best way of spending our lives to get eternal peace and happiness in this world and the hereafter.

May Allah bless us all with His Spiritual and Divine light for eternal peace and Happiness, Ameen.

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