He has lost the plot?

Source: ET

Imran Khan has lost the plot. His ego, his naiveté and stubborn refusal to face reality has unfortunately redefined his persona. Khan the reformer has now become Khan the apologist. Perhaps even an ally. What a waste of a perfectly good man.

Together these two men hold high the fluttering white flag of craven surrender. Together their quivering, dithering, grovelling and vacillating leadership has brought us to our knees. Together they will watch as the enemy cuts this nation’s head. And then takes its soul.


Categories: Asia, Pakistan

2 replies

  1. “will go down in history for presiding over the final annihilation of Jinnah’s Pakistan” Yes it is the fate with current scenario. When the oxygen providing apparatus is removed from the infested body shall be the last moment. “Doctors” are detrmined to remove it. Let us see who bells the cat.

  2. He should be nominated as chief negotiator with Taliban, sooner or later everything will be clear on him as well as his insane supporters. I foresee that he may be murdered by his loving Taliban.

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