Demand for amend to blasphemy law exposes PTI

the Nation: MULTAN
Strongly deploring Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for demanding amendments to blasphemy law, the Tehrik Tahaffuz Namoos-e-Risalat (TTNR) declared on Thursday that it will mark Friday as condemnation day (Youm-e-Muzammat) against all those demanding changes in or abolition of the law.
Addressing a news conference here, the leaders of TTNR Qari Ahmad Mian, Dr AShraf Ali Attiq, Dr Tahir Khakwani, Allama Khalid Mahmood Nadeem and others said that the demand raised by PTI President Javed Hashmi, Shirin Mazari and Dr Arif Alvi in the parliament for amendment to Blasphemy Law unveiled the real face of PTI. “This demand has made it clear that they are working on the agenda of jews. We strongly condemn them,” they maintained.
They declared that the clerics would pass resolutions in juma sermons against the PTI leaders and encircle them. They expressed their resolve that the TTNR would not let any conspiracy succeed against the blasphemy law and the Muslims of Pakistan would not flinch from offering any sacrifice for the protection of this law. They demanded Hashmi and all others to withdraw their statements otherwise the workers of TTNR would not let them move in the society.
FOOLPROOF SECURITY PLAN: Multan Division Commissioner Syed Ali Murtaza has said that a foolproof plan has been evolved to provide security to all minorities especially Christians. Addressing a meeting held here at his office on Wednesday to promote inter-faith harmony, he directed the DCOs of all districts to ensure peace in their respective districts with the cooperation of DPOs. He said that terrorism was an international phenomenon that harmed all religions and not the followers of any specific faith.
Speaking on this occasion, the clerics from different schools of thought declared that the coming Friday would be marked as Christian solidarity day. They added that Islam was the religion of peace and harmony, saying the barbarian bomb attack on Church in Peshawar could not be committed by  any Muslim.


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