UK minister condemns Hazara killings

The News: LONDON: A British government minister, Lord Tariq Ahmad, has condemned the bomb attacks in Quetta, which have killed more than 80 people from the Shia Hazara community. “Yet againwe see the ruthless and inhumane attacks rocking the fabric of Pakistan civil society.

The bombing sought and achieved its aimof killing scores of innocent people specifically targeting members of the Shia Hazara community and I condemn these terrorist attacks in the strongest terms. The perpetrators of such evil actions cause untold damage to a country and then seek to justify their actions by using the veil of religion,” said Lord Tariq, who is Lord in Waiting to the Queen Elizabeth II at her majesty The Queen’s household and a front bench spokesman covering three departments – international development, justice and communities & local government. He said bombings and killings are not justified in Islam and those carrying out such acts are enemies of Islam and Pakistan, who want to weaken the foundations of Pakistan and divide it on sectarian lines. He appealed to all Pakistanis to unite.


2 replies

  1. Well said Lord Ahmed, today it is required to push government of Pakistan start thinking that where they are taking Pakistan. People are playing in the hands of terrorist who has no religion or nationality, they are just the tool of enemies of Pakistan. Allah will protect Pakistan only when majority of people start thinking positively and humanly. They should keep Pakistan first, humanity first, fear Allah and remember the day of judgement.

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