Day: February 18, 2013

Hate is the Reason

Sourse: Stop Extremism, by Soheb Ahmed. There was a time when Ahmadis were brutally murdered and everyone kept quiet, thinking that it will never happen to anyone else and now we see that Shias are on target. This criminal silence of the past is haunting the nation today. If this […]

Pressure leaves millions of youth exposed to suicide risk – Can Islam Help?

Light and hope Source: China Daily “Sometimes, I would sit in my lab staring at the equipment and ask myself over and over again, ‘Why am I alive?’ ”   … A 2008 poll of more than 3,800 teenagers in Foshan, Guangdong province, found that 17 percent of female junior high school students had contemplated suicide. The main reasons were the pressure to behave well and feelings of isolation and loneliness, according to a report by the city’s health authority. “There is a clear connection with the country’s basic education system,” said Xu Kaiwen, an associate professor of clinical psychology at Peking University. “They (the girls) have been educated to work hard and receive high marks from childhood. Although they perform well in class, they lack education about the value of life,” he said, adding that the problem is even more serious at prestigious universities. “When they (students) meet difficulties, they are fragile,” he said. “Such problems will extend to their work and life after graduation.” This is how PhD student Sun, 27, […]