The mystery of Tahir ul Qadri

Source: The Economist. WHO and what is Tahir ul Qadri? And, more importantly, who is behind him? Those are the questions now racing through political Pakistan, with no firm answers. The religious cleric, previously a minor figure politically, has been living in Canada since 2006, where he acquired Canadian citizenship. Since he arrived […]

Freedom of Thought: Independent

The Freedom of Thought 2012 report: the non-religious are still being persecuted By Waleed Alhusseini (Getty Images) Like many non-religious people around the world, I use the internet to express my thoughts. Especially in a country where the vast majority believe in one religion, and do not like to hear any […]

Rethinking the ‘Just War,’ Part 1

NY times: Can war be justified? Is there such a thing as morally proper conduct in war? With Veterans’ Day upon us and, with the Obama administration preparing to face another four years of geopolitical choices in unstable regions, The Stone is featuring recent work by Jeff McMahan, a philosopher […]