Day: February 28, 2013

Gambling with God:

Source: CNN The faithful fill St. Peter’s Square as Pope Benedict XVI attends his last public audience on Wednesday, February 27, in Vatican City. Benedict’s decision to resign earlier this month caught a lot of Vatican watchers, apparently even some in his inner circle, off-guard. (CNN) — The love of […]

The Saudi Arabization of Islam, by Sazzad Hussain. The discovery of oil in 1934 made Saudi Arabia to gain prominence among the western colonial powers and with the British-US oil companies, corporate world and arms producers, it emerged as a powerful country. After taking up of the custody of the holy mosques of Mecca […]

New American Media News Headline

Havana Real Estate “Boom” Lures Investors & Exiles   New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer   Just over a year after the Cuban government permitted the first sale of real estate between private parties, a housing boom is emerging in Havana.   Sequestration Nearing, Calif. Schools Get Breathing Room […]

“Prophet Muhammad freed African slaves” by 7th Grade Student Zarar Hayee

By: Zarar Hayee, Duluth News Tribune Source: Since 1976 the United States has celebrated February as Black History Month. We celebrate Black History Month to commemorate the efforts and perseverance of African- Americans in American society. In school we learned how blacks were forced to give up their seats and […]