New American Media News Headline

Havana Real Estate “Boom” Lures Investors & Exiles


New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer


Just over a year after the Cuban government permitted the first sale of real estate between private parties, a housing boom is emerging in Havana.


Sequestration Nearing, Calif. Schools Get Breathing Room


EdSource Today, News Report, John Fensterwald


Because of how districts budget their money, sequestration cuts in federal revenue set for March 1 won’t be felt until the start of their new fiscal year.

Ethnic Media Headlines

Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ Task Force Gives Vote of Confidence to Controversial Law

(Colorlines) In the year since George Zimmerman followed, fought and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law has been under national scrutiny.

Showdown Over Education Reform

(Frontera NorteSur) Familiar debate over education taking place in Mexico, where teachers fear new law will tie their jobs to standardized tests.

Battle Escalates Over Suspension of Ga. School Board Members

(New America Media) Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced this week that he would suspend six school board members from DeKalb County.

Ang Lee Says Asians Still Ignored by Hollywood
(M1905) In an interview with a Chinese entertainment news site, Ang Lee complained of Hollywood’s continued neglect of Asian performers.
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