Day: February 25, 2013

Pope forces out Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Source: theguardian, by Severin Carrell and Sam Jones. The pope has forced the abrupt resignation of Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic as the church made a frantic attempt to minimise the impact of allegations of “inappropriate acts” committed by Cardinal Keith O’Brien against fellow priests. The cardinal revealed in his statement […]

Freedom of religion and belief in Pakistan

The Daily Times: by Rehman Anwer: Owing to the contemporary climate of extremism in Pakistan, the key is to bring various faith communities together and make collective efforts to foster peace and stability Faith Matters, a conflict resolution and interfaith organisation, has developed a unique programme to promote harmonious relationships between […]

Religious office a great investment

Source: National Post Reader’s Letters Re: Hearing The Call Of A Higher (Political) Power, Kelly McParland, Feb. 21. Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom will probably not end religious persecution that occurs on foreign soil, but God willing, it will make an indelible and positive mark on humanity for centuries to come. […]

Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan says black must curb spending: Washington Post

Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan says blacks should curb spending, pool … Washington Post CHICAGO — Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday called on blacks nationwide to curb economic disparities by cutting back on excessive spending, pooling resources and investing in land — an action plan he laid out during a three-hour … See […]