Day: February 3, 2013

Religion at the Academy Awards

Huff Post: S. Brent Plate. He is drawn to ritual and tradition, and gleefully syncretizes elements of Hindu, Muslim, and Christian practices. What sticks in his throat most is the absence of ritual, the hindrances to the ceremonies of drawing things to a close and allowing a little cosmos in […]

Nuggets of Wisdom

1. Life would be perfect if anger had mute button, mistake had back button, hard times had fast forward button and good times had pause button. 2. Difference between Einstein and Karunanidhi is that Einstein believed everything is relative while Karunanidhi believes relatives are everything. 3. A bird asked a […]

UNVEILED – Book Review

Dr. Farzana Hassan’s—- UNVEILED reviewed by- BETSY L. CHUNKO _________________________________________ Betsy Chunko holds graduate degrees in both art history and literature. She earned her PhD from the University of Virginia and currently teaches at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. . In Unveiled, Muslim commentator and activist Farzana Hassan describes how […]