Organisation of Islamic Cooperation:12th OIC Conference to begin in Egypt.


The Heads of State and Government will meet on the 6th & 7th of February 2013 to discuss political matters of importance to the Muslim World, on top of which is the Palestinian question and Israeli settlements, political issues affecting OIC member countries, combating defamation of Devine religions and facing Islamophobia, status of Muslim communities in Non-OIC countries, and a number of economic, social and cultural matters aimed at alleviation of poverty and accelerating development in OIC member countries and addressing challenges facing the Muslim Ummah and preserving its interests.


The Organization for Islamic Cooperation(OIC) is generally acclaimed to be the largest international body independent of the United Nations. Consisting of 57 member states, the OIC aims to be the collective voice of the Muslim world, protecting Muslim interests throughout the world. All international political issues reside within the OIC’s jurisdiction, as it is intended to be a holistic body. The OIC has a permanent delegation to the UN, as well as its own subsidiary bodies, just like the UN. Encompassing 8 other international Islamic organs gives the OIC the largest mandate to deal with issues outside of the Middle East.

The Ministers of Foreign Affaires will meet on the 4th & 5th of February 2013 to review and prepare all elements related to the Summit including consideration of items inscribed in the Summit Agenda emanating from political issues such as the Palestinian question, conflict situations in the Muslim World, combating defamation of Islam and its followers, activities aimed at fostering values of moderation and tolerance and ways of building bridges with Non-Muslim communities, status of Muslim minorities in Non-Member countries, as well as discussing new challenges facing the Muslim World and a number of economic, social and cultural issues relating to development of member countries and identifying how to pursue further these objectives according to existing cooperation and coordination mechanisms.

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