Day: February 12, 2013

Ignorance about Islam

The Guardian: Tabah Syed. Muslims (the followers of Islam) have become increasingly stereotyped, marginalized and criminalized since the horrific events of Sept. 11. This increasingly negative attitude towards Muslims quite seamlessly translates into violent actions against Muslim —as well as Sikh, Arab and South Asian —individuals and communities. According to […]

Islam or Extremism

Al Arabiya News: Musa Furber. It has been reported that the Egyptian cabinet is considering taking legal action against those who use religion to incite violence. Beyond incitement to violence, there may even be a case that such irresponsible statements fall under Egypt’s blasphemy law, which clearly states “whoever makes use […]

Roman Catholic Mariology

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about Roman Catholic perspectives, for general Christian views see Mariology. A series of articles on Roman Catholic Mariology General articles Mariology • Veneration of the Blessed Virgin • History of Mariology • Mariology of the saints • Mariology […]

Ahmadiyya Convention concludes in Bangladesh

Source/Credit: By Shahina Bashir On the evening of February 6, a mob of religious bigots attacked the Boy Scouts Training Camp in Gazipur, outside Dhaka,Bangladesh and set fire to six tents. The site was being prepared for the hosting of the 89th Jalsa, or the annual convention, of theAhmadiyya Muslim […]

Problems unending

Source: ET By: Tazeen Javed. Ask anyone, from your corner paan wala to a TV anchor to the accountant who does your taxes — if you pay any — to the babus who run the bureaucracy to the leaders of political parties; everyone knows what ails Pakistan and they all […]