Day: February 27, 2013

Bangladesh’s ‘Pakistani’ party

Courtesy: Hindustani Times    Indrajit Hazra Dhaka, February 26, 2013   The signs are there all over Dhaka. If it’s not blatant demands to “hang the war criminals” in posters and billboards surrounding Shahbagh Square where Bangladesh erupted on February 5, there are murals depicting demonic Islamist fundamentalists on the […]

A son, a father . . . and the Jamaat

Source/Credit: The Daily Star By Syed Badrul Ahsan A son of the detained Jamaat leader Ghulam Azam complains, in an article published in a London-based journal, that the people of Bangladesh have forgotten the role his father played in the language movement between 1948 and 1952. He makes it a point […]

S.E.C. Nominee Tries to Allay Skepticism

Mary Jo White’s path to the Securities and Exchange Commission has reached a crucial juncture: the Congressional charm campaign. Lawmakers are scrutinizing Ms. White ahead of her Senate confirmation hearing, raising questions about the former prosecutor’s lack of regulatory experience and the challenge of policing Wall Street firms she recently […]