Veteran Pakistani columnist Cowasjee passes away at 86

Source:  Dawn.Com

“I am 86 now, too old to pen weekly columns. Besides what’s there to write about with the same old politics and same old politicians. Do you really believe that they will go away? — Photo

KARACHI: One of Pakistan’s oldest and most renowned columnists, Ardeshir Cowasjee, passed away in Karachi on Saturday at the age of 86.

Cowasjee, whose weekly columns graced the Dawn newspaper from 1988 to 2011, was suffering from chest illness and had been admitted in a Karachi hospital’s intensive care unit for the past 12 days.

Born on April 13, 1926 to Rustom Faqir Cowasjee and Mucca Rustomjee, Ardeshir joined the family shipping business after completing his education from the Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi (BVS) High School and DJ Sindh Govt Science College.

He had two children with wife Nancy Dinshaw. His daughter lives in Karachi and works in the family business and his son is an architect in the US. Their mother passed away in 1992.

“Now, old at 85, tired, and disillusioned with a country that just cannot pull itself together in any way and get on with life in this day and age, I have decided to call it a day,” he wrote in a column in December 2011 for Dawn.

He went on to write two more columns that year before he finally put his pen to rest.

More than just a columnist

Cowasjee was known for his outspoken criticism of politicians and the religious right.

“I am 86 now, too old to pen weekly columns. Besides what’s there to write about with the same old politics and same old politicians. Do you really believe that they will go away? I am bored writing about them again and again,” he said in an interview last month.


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  1. A great Pakistani and a great writer who never shied away from speaking the truth. I always enjoyed reading Cowasjee columns and watching his interviews. He was a champion of fair and true journalism. The world of journalism is poorer without Cowasjee. May his legacy live for ever.

  2. @Hibatur Rehman. How true and real your feelings are. He was a great man, beacon of light for many.

  3. May his soul rest in peace! My husband & I always looked forward for his great columns and his wonderful approach to the problems that Pakistan faces. His views on human rights were admirable and his boldness was worth following. I wish more journalists were like him.

  4. Really wonderful man. I used to telephone him and found him a great loving person. Such as him “will have their reward with their Lord, and shall not have any fear and they will not be grieved.” (verse 2:62/63)

    Islam gives good news to peaceful people of all faiths to pursue their ways of worship. The condition of good deeds is important. Remember that believers in Muhammad (s.a.w.s) are included in that verse of the Quran.

    The world needs more of such people like the Ardeshir Cowasjee sahib. May Allah bless him with high place in Jannat. Ameen.

  5. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Innaa Lillhe wa innaa elaihe rajiuoon
    Although Probably I never had a chance to read his columns still I am grieved on the demise of every noble person. From his picture he looks very sober person. I do not know about his faith and on humanity level I am not much concerned about his faith, it was between him and his God, When so many people admire him for his courage and outspoken qualities he is worthy to be admired and I hope Allah’s Angels also admire such a person in the company of Allah as Allah says in the Holy Quran, ” Wallaho Laa yuhibbul fasad” mean Allah does not love disorder on the earth and in the New Testament of Bible, Jesus said, “Blessed are peace maker as they will be called the children of God.” I pray Allah May rest his soul in paradise and Bless our beloved country Pakistan more and more such courageous and out spoken people that would turn burning Pakistan into living Paradise. Aameen
    Zarif Ahmad

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