Live, and for God’s sake, let others live

Source: Dawn.Com

Lamps were put out. The Imam freed his followers of all their obligations and said: “You are free to go now.” This was a lesson in freewill.

No one left. This was a tie of love. They all died with him, a lesson in commitment.

Lamps were put out again and everybody cried their eyes out. Most of the tears were for the martyrs of Karbala but some were also for those killed in the mosques, imambargahs and streets of Pakistan.

Khalid was the only Sunni in the crowd, defying centuries of biased indoctrination. He disagreed with many things said there, but stayed and focused on the message of Karbala.

Khalid is not shy of conceding that he learned this tolerance from the West, where he lives now.

“Eid Mobarak. Allah bless you, our dear Muslim brothers and sisters,” said a sign outside the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Washington metro area.

We were having a live discussion in cyberspace, focusing on attacks on mosques and imambargahs in Pakistan.


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