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  1. Ironically in this self acclaimed modern civilized sophisticated world today there seems to be no one who can really do something to stop these unjust happenings.
    Where are the God fearing greater minds?. Why humanity is so helpless?
    Cant they solve this problem by talks instead of bloodshed?
    Is human mind so exhausted??? Or the inner beast of enmity of human could never been overpowered even by this civilization?
    This child’s only crime is that the elders of his region have lost the faith in God and sensibility of solving a problem. I am once again very much saddened and grieved.
    The day in hereafter when this child and all his alike, will ask them why he was robbed off his only life? What answer do they have?

  2. Here I would like to share my wife’s poem.

    Palestine the Land Of Prophets

    Palestine the land of Abraham
    Land of Ishmael, Isaac and Jesus
    The land of Prophets
    Is injured and bleeding
    weeping and grieving
    The nations of two brothers
    Are blood thirsty of each other’s
    The land that was so sacred
    Has become a target of hatred
    The point that could bring them closer
    Has parted them even farther
    The Holy place that they both take delight
    Has become a cause to fall in a fight
    Alas! What a plight
    who will ever fix this dispute?
    It is You my God absolute!
    O’ Allah they both believe in you
    Help them solve it true
    For half a century this land is suffering
    No day is safe no night comforting
    Many a youths strong and gorgeous
    Lost their lives
    Leaving their children orphaned
    Widowing their wives
    Peace and harmony since long battered
    Business and economy is shattered
    Infants snatched from mother’s lap
    Can There be a greater mishap?
    Can there ever be an end
    to this unacceptable dangerous trend?
    O’ Allah put in their hearts
    Faith, justice and mercy
    so that each other’s rights
    they can see
    So that each other’s rights they can see

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