Pakistan police probe Lahore school attack

Source: BBC

An inquiry comprising clerics and local politicians has been formed in Pakistan to investigate the destruction by a mob of a leading school in Lahore.

Hundreds of protesters on Wednesday ransacked the school and set fire to its furniture over claims that a teacher insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

The teacher is now hiding but the school’s principal has been arrested.

Farooqi Girls’ High School is considered one of the better educational institutes in Lahore.

But officials say that it upset hardliners – who came from outside the Lahore area – when the teacher made a mistake while copying Islamic text from an exercise book in a rush.

The text was distributed among pupils as part of their homework to be done during Eid holidays from 26 to 29 October, lawyer Jawad Ashraf told the BBC.
Protesters outside the Farooqi Girls’ High School Officials say that the mob was mostly made up of people from outside the Lahore area

Mr Ashraf is representing school principal Asim Farooqi, 77, who is now in police custody.

Mr Farooqi’s son Sameer – who has been in hiding since the attack – told the BBC that the school was set upon after working hours on Tuesday by “a crowd of people who set furniture ablaze in the courtyard”.  Read more.

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