The Balkanization of Europe?

Global Post: ANTWERP, Belgium — Europe’s rising tide of nationalism swept over Belgium on Sunday when separatists seeking independence for the country’s Dutch-speaking north surged in local elections to take power in city halls across the region.

“This is a point of no return in our history,” Bart De Wever, leader of the New Flemish Alliance, told cheering supporters after his election as mayor in this historic seaport. “The Flemish have chosen change and we are going to continue on that path.”

Separatists also made news in Scotland, where the first minister signed an agreement on Monday setting up a referendum on breaking away from British rule. And in Spain, the president of the Catalonia region vowed to push for the right to hold a similar vote on independence.


Categories: Crisis, Democracy, Europe

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  1. The peaceful Balkanisation of Europe is going on through the democratic ways. And about Scotland,it was not the ‘first minister’ but the Prime Minister of UK who signed an agreement for a referendum on Scotland’s Paknization’ or none (separation)of Scotland. Days to console and comforts seen to have gone for ever. No, sir no, it will be, we, all alone who will play their positive role in keeping states intact and the few who aspire to get out, will really wish to remain in larger state-size.

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