Copy-and-paste trick: ‘Gospel of Jesus’s wife’ spiced with modern technology

Russian TV: Many gave a sigh of relief after the papyrus fragment known as the “Gospel of Jesus’ wife” turned out to be a fake. The text hailed as “old as the hills” could turn out to be of the same age as the online document from which it was probably copied.

An American academic Andrew Bernhard has discovered that the ‘Jesus’s wife’ manuscript copies a error in one of the most widely distributed electronic copies of the gospel of Thomas, the Guardian reported.

Last month Professor Francis Watson of Durham University discovered the ‘Jesus’s wife’ fragment was actually a collage of texts from the Gospel of Thomas, copied and reassembled out of order. The British New Testament scholar called the “relic” a forgery.

Now American researcher Andrew Bernhard has uncovered the text from which it was taken.

It is available to download, and the PDF version is missing a letter just as one of the words reproduced in the ‘Jesus’s wife’ fragment. While the web version has no such mistake, the ‘Jesus’s wife’ fragment does,  which suggests it could not have been composed before the PDF was available, no matter how old the papyrus turns out to be on which it was written, the Guardian wrote.


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