”We Are Calling for a New Interpretation of the Koran”

Source: Qantara

Interview conducted by Christoph Dreyer

A new research centre in Qatar seeks to focus more attention on the ethical dimension of Islam. The founders of the centre and its director, Tariq Ramadan, are calling for a new interpretation of the Koran in order to advance a contemporary Islamic understanding of matters such as environmental ethics and gender issues. Christoph Dreyer spoke to the centre’s deputy director, Jasser Auda

Early this year, the Research Centre for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, of which you are deputy director, started its work within the Qatar Foundation’s Faculty of Islamic Studies. Why is there a need for such a centre?

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5 replies

  1. heres a door to the arabic world , we need to send them musleh mauood’s (ra)interpretation of the holy quraan and keep and restore the dignity of this holiest of holy book of Allah ,to make it easier for them

  2. Lets not act foolishly. The fact that you do not understand the Quran does not mean that you should try to temper with the words of God. The Quran is the only word of God today which had not been tempered by human hands. Remember, God will not submit to your foolish ideas. God had already sent a reformer and the world rejected him. Those who followed him are the real muslims in the world today. Why dont you tre to find out before you sit there questioning the words of God. If you really want to know about the true Islam, that is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. Islam means peace, and they are the most peaceful Islamic sect in the world and more peaceloving. Try to learn about them you will really discover the original Islam.

  3. These efforts by Tariq Ramadan and others for the new interpretation of the Quran is good. My interest is in the part which will define the so called “Islamic State”, The Shariah Law, and the institution of “Khilafat”.

    The other point which is the status of minorities in any such “Islamic State”. The big question: will the “Islamic State” be secular or otherwise when it comes to the affairs of the state.

    The third point is the “status of woman” in such an “Islamic State”. How will the institution of “Hijab” (as is understood today), “Rights of Motherhood” and other social issues around this subject be dealt with under respective “cultural Islam” in different parts of the world.

    And the BIG question: How does this research center and Tariq Ramadan view the status of Ahmadiyya Djama’at and all the Ijtehad which has been done by that community for the last humndred years. Incidently the main claim of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian was that he is the Reformer of This Age. And the job of the Reformer and a prophet is to “update” the teachings (interpretation) – in this case “The Quran”.

    I suggest the Research Center at Qatar, must take contact with Ahmadiyya Djama’at and include their research team in this program.


  4. The “Hakam” and “Adal” of the age is Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – the Promised Messiah – appointed by God. Following him will pave the way to all success, peace and betterment of the world as a whole. we should provide this group with all the relevent material to help ponder over, understand and then decide. May Allah guide them.

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