A chilling recipe for eternal life


What if it takes one single pill to rewind your clock of life? No more health issues, you are no longer getting old… Impossible? According to some, not in the future. And as a Russian cryonics firm insists, they have the way of taking you there.

Panacea pill

Speaking in an out-of-town, somewhat shabby storage facility that belongs to KrioRus, Danila Medvedev, the head of the company’s board of directors, was putting all his effort into trying to assure me that rejuvenation is not going to be a problem in the future.

“Aging is a problem of today, because we don’t know how it works,” Dr. Medvedev begins. “In 100 years or so it will only take one single pill to alter the epigenetic regulation in all cells of your body in accordance with a required program.”

For someone with a degree in economics, Medvedev, who also introduced himself as a futurologist and a member of the co-ordination board of the Russian Transhumanist Movement, seemed to feel, perhaps, too comfortable going deep into such details of various molecular processes occurring in our organism. Being a molecular geneticist myself, I was truly impressed.

“In other words,” he continued, “the smart pill, depending on how exactly you are aging, will make, for instance, liver cells increase the expression of a particular gene three-fold, while nanocapsules with necessary proteins will do their job and activate the required genes. If you have excess fat deposits in your body, the cells of fat will be instructed to dedifferentiate into stem cells and creep away to where they are needed to increase regeneration processes, and so on.”

Any person who takes such a pill, Dr. Medvedev predicts, will become young again in a week’s time.

“Your bones will regenerate, your skin will regenerate – it will start producing collagen again, and your wrinkles will disappear. The brain will become more powerful, as it will now be producing all sorts of useful, necessary chemicals – so, you’ll be even cleverer than before. And all this – even without any physical manipulations,” the head of the company concluded.

Looking into the future: the company’s frozen clients inside the cryostat (RT Photo / Vitaliy Matveev). Click to enlarge


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  1. Ya, I personally can’t understand why somebody would like to live forever and ever!

    Does this mean that in the future people will stop procreating…?

    If not, then what will happen to the coming generations?

    Do the ‘scientists’ who ‘discover’ such panaceas, ever think that far? Or is it that they think just about themselves and their immediate generation/s?

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