Plans are underway to try again in court to ban Kyrgyzstan’s Ahmadi Community as “extremist” ???

Zhanibek Botoyev, the Chief Legal Expert of the State Commission on Religious Affairs, has revealed to Forum 18 News Service that plans are underway to try again in court to ban Kyrgyzstan’s Ahmadi Muslim community as “extremist”. The new attempt follows the failure on technical grounds in their first attempt. …. Botoyev of the State Commission told Forum 18 on 4 July that the Prosecutor General’s Office is preparing a fresh attempt to ban the Ahmadi Community as “extremist” through the courts, after the failure of its first suit on 15 June. “We have consulted with the Prosecutor General’s Office, and according to Civil Procedural Law we cannot re-register the Ahmadi Community until the lawsuit is over.” Botoyev could not tell Forum 18 the exact provisions of the Civil Procedural Code allowing the State Commission to refuse the re-registration.

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  1. May Allah help and protect Jamat.Hazur aba mentioned in one of his Friday ceremon IF govts stands against the Jamat they will be destroyed.
    So it’s upto the govt if they want to be on the list of cursed one and get punisment from Almighty ALlah than keep on trying.
    Ahmaddiyat is noor and darkness has always been defeated by noor.thats the promise of Allah with his appointed and chosen one,Hazrat Mirza Ghulam ahmad of QAdian,India

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