Day: July 15, 2012

Save Rohingya Muslims: The OIC

By Family Editorial Board Source: OnIslam The OIC Secretary General said that the recent restoration of democracy in Myanmar had raised hopes in the international community that oppression against Rohingya Muslims citizens would end and that they would be able to enjoy equal rights and opportunities. However, the renewed violence […]

Radical Islamists Wage Muslim Civil War in Africa

Extremist imams and jihadists infiltrate peaceful Muslim lands, uprooting religious customs that have existed for centuries. By MELIK KAYLAN WALL STREET JOURNAL The recent spate of attacks on Muslim historic and religious sites in the ancient city of Timbuktu calls to mind the Taliban’s destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in […]

Minorities shrug off guarantee of freedoms

The Jakarta Post, Followers of minority faiths have dismissed the remark on state protection of religious freedoms, citing inconsistency on the ground and in the courts. Constitutional Court chief Mahfud MD told visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel Tuesday that people could even be atheists and communists as long as they […]