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  1. A fair comment as per my appraisel. To me as a first appearance can be termed OK. However if it was planned interview, Mr Shah could have asked the opinion of others to present MT on MTA in much better way.

  2. Indeed by the Grace of Allah, we are growing / spreading / evolving/ developing / advancing / improving / progressing in all dimensions, and that is the most important reality of the Muslim Times.

    Blessings of Allah were certainly implied by mention of the vision of Promised Messiah, may peace be on him, about universal brotherhood.

    It was planned as a thirty minute interview and as the main session was starting, we were operating under the pressure of squeezing it into five minutes.

  3. This is a great platform to come to and read Ahmadi views on various issues.
    May Allah tala shower his blessings on everyone who has/is contributing to this blog.

    Thanks for uploading the interview. If you have anymore interviews from Jalsa Salan USA and Canada 2012- could you upload them aswell. I’ve heard I missed some great interviews.

    It was nice seeing you Uncle Zia H.Shah. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy reading your in-depth articles posted in ‘Islam for the west’.

  4. Masha’Allah. I marvel at his efforts and am happy that all the hard work has been acknowledged and rewarded. May Allah too reward him and Bless him and his efforts abundantly.
    Now a days this portal has become an authentic source of news for us Ahamdies. Also this has become a platform on which we can share our view, without the fear of any discrimination.
    May Allah bless his aims to foster a universal brotherhood.Amen
    I with deepest regards and respect congrat brother Zia Shah on his success.

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