Day: July 18, 2012


1. What is religion—some rituals and super-natural beliefs or complete code of life for this world and hereafter? 2. Do we need religion? 3. While living in an organized civil society, strictly law-abiding in its nature, why don’t we wish to follow an organized religion? Is it the theocracy (rule […]


1. What is the definition, attributes and characteristics of a Muslim and a Momin mentioned in the Holy Qur`ān and do they perfectly apply on present day Muslims? 2. What is the definition, attributes and characteristics of non-believers mentioned in the Holy Qur`ān? Do you believe that none of these […]

Mobile apps take on the flavour of Ramadan

Most of the mobile phone apps on the major platforms are offered free By Naushad K. Cherrayil
Staff Reporter GULFNEWS . Dubai: With the exponential increase in smartphone users across the region, technology has come to play a bigger role in annual festivities. Mobile technology has come handy for Muslims to […]

Pakistan’s courts take on the ISI

Credit:Asiatimes: Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ordered the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency to close a notorious cell that focused on monitoring internal politics, in a direct challenge to the ISI’s ability to operate as a “state within a state”. In a judgement that puts pressure on the agency to be […]

Persian Gulf primed to explode

Credit: Asiatime. A minor incident in the Persian Gulf this week that saw a US Navy fuel ship open fire on an Indian fishing boat demonstrates how overcrowding by US warships and aircraft to intimidate Iran’s nuclear ambitions raises the likelihood of a spark that ignites full-scale war. Tehran, having […]

10 tricks to become a loving, positive person

Credit: TOI 10 tricks to become a loving, positive person (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) It’s one thing to wax eloquent on positivity, but quite another to be a positive person at heart. Despite believing to have a positive outlook, we invariably weigh the cons first, consider several times before sparing a […]