Unique memorial in Rome honours new martyrs including Shahbaz Bhatti

ROME: From the Bible of a murdered Pakistani government minister to the prayer book of a slain San Salvador archbishop, a Rome church has created a unique memorial to modern-day Christian martyrs.

At a time of outrage over anti-Christian violence in Africa, the exhibits at the Basilica of Saint Bartholomew are a poignant testament to thousands of Christians killed for their faith around the world over the past century.

The initiative was begun by late pope John Paul II in 1993 and the ancient church now draws a steady stream of pilgrims to pay tribute to victims from all Christian  denominations including Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants.

On a recent visit, a group of 30 Iraqis came to pray in front of the stole of a Chaldean Christian priest, Raghi Ghani, assassinated in Mosul in 2007.

Angelo Romano, the friendly parish priest and a member of the Rome-based Catholic international charity group Sant’Egidio, greeted the pilgrims.

“You are living through a difficult period. We are praying for you. The blood of the martyrs will not have been spilt in vain,” Father Romano said.



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  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    As Muslims although we do not endorse Christian Dogma, and we strongly believe that Christian Dogma is derailment from the Universal Oneness of God, still as human level we strongly condemn the slain of Mr. Shabaz Bhatti and all such murders whose base is religion. Islam’s teaching in the Holy Quran in this regard, “..killing of one person is amount to kill all the Humanity…” More so it is the beauty of Islam That Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH gave security to all Christian to the last day and has strongly condemned any property or life loss to them. From the Sunnat of Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH blasphemy law is absolutely wrong, Hazoor was mercy to all mankind and this law is a blot on the beautiful Roll Model of Mohammad PBUH. He didn’t permit even to the son of Raeesul Monafiqeen Abdullah bin Ubbee bin salul to kill his own father because of Greatest blasphemy and after his death offered his funeral prayer out of the Mercy he has for mankind.
    In a civilized society taking law in the hands of people is not and could not be given. If people has some issues against some one let it be in fair trial.
    Brave is Shabaz Bhatti and gave his life for a just cause we sympathies with his family and with his loved one and I endorse that The blood of the martyrs will not have been spilt in vain May Allah make it so and may our beloved country be among the civilized nation of the world and May the flag of Islam, the flag of the Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH is shinning with respect to the highest level Aameen
    Zarif Ahmad

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