Day: July 12, 2012

Pakistan-An act of bigotry

Express Tribune:  Editorial The demolition of six minarets by the police at an Ahmadi place of worship in Kharian says a lot about the continued official discrimination against the beleaguered community and our culpability in this discrimination. The spate of attacks on Ahmadi places of worship and the continuous assault on their […]

Rules set for Saudi Olympic female athletes

Saudi sportswomen, who have been given the go-ahead to compete in the Olympics for the first time in London later this month, must respect the ultra-conservative kingdom’s rules, its sports chief said in remarks published on Monday. All women competitors must dress modestly, be accompanied by a male guardian and […]

Is he or is he not from amongst us?

As per some ahadith in Bukhari and Muslim, ‘Son of Mary’ shall descend as the Imam of the Muslims, from amongst them, a guided leader and a Just Ruler. Non-Ahmadi scholars, while interpreting these ahadith, wish us to believe that, this ‘Son of Mary’ is none other than Hadhrat Isaas, […]

Shiite cleric jailed for blasphemy in Indonesia

Dailystar: SAMPANG, Indonesia: An Indonesian court sentenced a Shiite cleric Thursday to two years in prison for blasphemy, saying his teachings deviated from mainstream Islam and had caused “public anxiety”. Tajul Muluk was arrested in April by police on the island of Madura off eastern Java amid anti-Shiite attacks that […]

FIJI NEWS – Judge hears contempt of court charges

2012 + Enlarge this image Fiji Times Ltd Publisher Hank Arts and Editor-in-Chief Fred Wesley outside court in Suva yesterday. Picture: IVAMERE ROKOVESA HIGH Court Judge William Calanchini yesterday heard submissions in contempt of court proceedings brought by the Attorney-General Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum against The Fiji Times. The newspaper, its Editor-in-Chief […]

Ahmadiyya news in Indian/World media…

Since some days Indian news papers are giving extensive coverage to news regarding Ahmadiyyat. First it started with Higgs Boson and Dr. Abdus Salam…now again the heinous act of Pakistani Police demolishing minarets of Ahmadiyya mosque in Kharian at Lahore in Pakistan…also in comments section huge responses can be observed…Ahmadiyya […]