Nine-year-old Quebec girl pulled from soccer tournament for wearing hijab

National Post:

OTTAWA — A nine-year-old Gatineau, Que., girl who refused to remove her headscarf was forced to stand on the sidelines Sunday as her team played — and won — the final match of a soccer tournament.

 The order came just days after the International Football Association Board voted to lift its hijab ban based on the fact “there is no medical literature concerning injuries as a result of wearing a headscarf,” the organization stated on its website.

Rayane Benatti was told to take off her headscarf for safety reasons, but she refused.

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9 replies

  1. so sad. So very sad. What is the girls fault? What about her tireless practise and her earnest passion
    for soccer?

    What about the west’s freedom of choice?

    Ironically “mullahs” exist everywhere.

  2. I really admire her steadfastness. May Allah Bless her. Many Muslim women can learn from her.
    She is a child and it is admirable how she understands her religious values. The credit goes to her parents too.

  3. Rayane Benatti, congrats for showing courage and love towards Allah.You won and soccer association and any country who is stopping wear of Hijaab has got defeat.It is clearly under stood their inferiority and bogus reasoning for not permitting the Hijab.Shame on such type of people who are depriving even small children and not keeping themselves in democratic norms and become dictator.Can any body believe small piece of cloth is injurious to head,really shame on you mentally retarded guys.

  4. In the world of Ex-Muslims such as Maryam Namazi or Mary of UK, it is known and according to 21st century human rights declaration and charter of equality.

    Down with neanderthal extremist atheists!

  5. Depending on how the scarf is tied around her neck this could definitely be a safety issue. While grabbing or pulling on uniforms is illegal, it does happen. But I don’t see even if someone did grab it, or it got caught on something that it could cause that much harm.

    I could see a rule to make them illegal in a factory, near machinery where loose clothing and things tied around your neck are dangerous, but not in 9 year old soccer.

    That being said… نعیم احمد سرمد

    What is this? And why hasn’t your comment been deleted? “Down with neanderthal extremist atheists!”

    You have no proof that any members of the board are Atheists, or about the official who made the call on the field.

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