Day: July 29, 2012

Romney says Jerusalem capital of Israel

CBC: Standing on Israeli soil, U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Sunday declared Jerusalem to be the capital of the Jewish state and said the United States has “a solemn duty and a moral imperative” to block Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability. “Make no mistake, the ayatollahs in Iran […]

The four big influences on our children

By Kristen and Mark Bishop, Special to Gulf News Published: 21:30 July 28, 2012 Teachers Children never forget. Great educators can prevent a child from being emotionally dependent and motivate that child to achieve and thrive. Once children reach school age, they start spending more time with their teachers than […]

No country is an island when it comes to migration

By Peter Sutherland, Cecilia Malmstrom The Daily Star Lebanon Europe faces an immigration predicament. Mainstream politicians, held hostage by xenophobic parties, adopt anti-immigrant rhetoric to win over fearful publics, while the foreign-born are increasingly marginalized in schools, cities and at the workplace. Yet, despite high unemployment across much of the […]