The four big influences on our children

  • By Kristen and Mark Bishop, Special to Gulf News
  • Published: 21:30 July 28, 2012


Children never forget. Great educators can prevent a child from being emotionally dependent and motivate that child to achieve and thrive. Once children reach school age, they start spending more time with their teachers than with their parents.

By giving children the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as adults, by urging them to pursue their dreams, and by impressing on them the joy that comes from a lifetime of learning, teachers can be almost limitless in their capacity to touch lives. Considering that on average teachers affect 3,000 children over the course of their careers, the ripple effect of even a single teacher’s impact can be astounding.

Teachers should always be a positive role model. We can do this by taking note of the following written by Dr Robyn J.A. Silverman:

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