The suicide bomber from Homs

Not really funny, but where else can we put it?

Once upon a time a suicide bomber from Homs in Syria went to Israel with the plan to comit suicide. He was instructed to do it with plenty of people around him.

He saw a lot of people, including a lot of soldiers, at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. He phoned to his ‘instructor’ and told him where he was and asked whether ‘he should do it here’. The answer was, no, find a better place.

Next he went to a Press Conference where the President of Israel was present. He again phoned to his ‘instructor’ and told him where he was and how many people were around. The answer was again, ‘not enough, find a better place’.

Next he went to the football stadium. He phoned to his instructor that a match was going on between the Army team and the Police team and lots of soldiers and policemen (and women) were around. The answer this time was positive: ‘Go ahead’.

So the man from Homs took out his knife and pushed it into his belly…

As I said, not really funny…

Source: verbal, directly from a man from Homs, Syria. (black humour, even these days….)

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