Shouryya Ray, a Schoolboy cracks age-old maths problem posed by Sir Isaac Newton over 350 years ago

Source: The Local

A 16-year-old schoolboy has solved a mathematical problem which has stumped mathematicians for centuries, a newspaper report said. The boy put the historical breakthrough down to “schoolboy naivety.”


Shouryya Ray, who moved to Germany from India with his family at the age of 12, has baffled scientists and mathematicians by solving two fundamental particle dynamics problems posed by Sir Isaac Newton over 350 years ago, Die Welt newspaper reported on Monday.

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  1. It is important to note that he is from Calcutta i.e. West Bengal which has produced famous mathematicians and scientist and also the place where the first non-European Noble Prize laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, is from.

  2. Mirza Ghulam Rabbi

    I’m particularly lazy at proof reading my own work but it may be important for your readers to know about who this first Nobel Prize laureate was.

    I’m a born again Christian; doesn’t mean I’m less noble than someone from Rabindranath Tagore.


    The noble gases are all those monatomic gases.


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