Muslims Offer Solution to Nation’s Problems Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches nationwide campaign to bring fellow Americans towards true peace

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA announces the launch of a new nationwide campaign that provides holistic solutions to our nation’s problems. Just like the deteriorating world conditions, millions in this country have suffered grief, injustice, unemployment, foreclosures and hardships – while a few in positions of power fed their own insatiable greed.  As such, people are searching for any kind of peace – social peace, economic peace, political peace, personal peace and even interreligious peace.  This new campaign entitled “Peace Through the Messiah” asserts that peace can be achieved today only by accepting the Messiah who was Divinely sent to bring humanity back to God and rid the world of all these issues.

With true respect, care and consideration for the well-being of its fellow citizens, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA launches this campaign in order to spread the teachings of the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, who was prophesized to come by previous prophets to re-establish belief in God and demonstrate unity of mankind as the means to achieve true peace.

As the Messiah, Ahmad established peace through the belief of, and personal communion with, the all-Loving God.  Ahmad’s teachings not only establish interreligious peace; his teachings also establish social, economic, political peace since they are based on absolute justice.  Most importantly, Ahmad’s rational teachings establish belief in God and lead to individual peace between a person and God.

The nationwide “Peace Through the Messiah” campaign will launch on May 22nd in Zion, Illinois – a city founded by Reverend Dr. John Alexander Dowie, who over 100 years ago claimed to be the Prophet Elijah III and would herald the coming of the Latter Day Messiah.  He exchanged words and views with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – the Divinely sent Messiah – in what culminated in a widely publicized prayer duel.  The subsequent death of Dr. Dowie firmly established the truth of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the United States, and for this reason, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA – the oldest Muslim organization in America – returns to its roots in Zion to spread this invitation to peace.

Islamic spiritual values promote genuine peace in all spheres of our lives, be they political, economic, social or personal.  The failure to uphold such vital values has led to a breakdown in our families, communities and nation.  Peace can only be achieved through an unbiased application of these values.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s “Peace through the Messiah” campaign will accept invitations to debate or dialogue any topics regarding Islam.


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  1. Mashallah, a very bold and great initiative and truly what is needed not only in U.S. but also other countries where we can express our view point. I pray for the success of this initiative. Thanks

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