Run or Walk – an Exercise and a “Time out” for Remembrance of God

In the token of being a Naturopathy Enthusiast – which is more so termed in the vogue as

-:- Alternative Medicine-:-

and in the back ground of it; carrying EFFECTS of my Ancestral Trail in this profession and the auspicious advice of (late) Hakim Muhammad Saeed of Hamdard (the unrivalled sage of Naturopathy and Traditional Medicine in later part of the 20th century); I would like to add the following humble bits:-

Accelerated circulation of blood for 15 to 30 minutes in 24 hours helps “Drain Out” various types of impurities (internally and externally) from the body.

“Running” is an excellent mode to “accelerate the blood circulation”.

“Running” can be more beneficial if subjected to the following limitations:-

RUN – between 2 minutes of walking and 3 minutes of “brisk” (fast) walking at both ends = total 30 minutes of exercise. Please see the following explanation:-

2 minutes = walking

3 minutes = brisk walking

20 minutes= RUNNING

3 minutes = brisk walking

2 minutes = walking

RUN – when the Body Mass is proportionate in the rationale of height and weight.

RUN – when the Blood Pressure is within the levels recommended by your doctor.

Healthier level ranges -:- Systolic @ 120 mm HG and Diastolic @ 80 mm HG -:-

RUN – when the Blood Sugar is @ 10 mmol/L – And still a stock of GLUCOSE should be on the person to combat a drop in the level due to exertion.

RUN – when the stomach is neither empty nor full. 30 – 40 minutes Postprandial.

RUN – when the bowels are empty. Fecal mass in lower abdomen causes lots of trouble.

RUN – when there is no infection in the body system. Exertion can trigger the infections to Flare Up.

RUN – when there is no Overwhelming Emotional Stress present.

RUN – when the age is less than 60 years. Chances of Muscular and Orthopaedic Stress/Damage increase at sixty years age.

Then, WALK should be preferred over RUNNING and walking on a Gym Trail should always be preferred.

However, walking around the Agricultural Fields (as was practiced by the Holy Promised Messiah, a.s.,) – OR – in a park when the SUN STILL SHINES is better (for the oxygen content and absorption of Vitamin D) than either walking around the trees and plants in the dark or around a traffic lane (traffic lance vicinity is not recommendable at any time).


While running OR walking – the mind (most often) remains focused on the scenery as the body (at that time) produces various beneficial chemicals such as “epinephrine” (Nephridine) – and that is the time which is Excellent for Zikre Ilahi (remembrance of God).


For people at 60 years of age, Walking or Brisk Walking for 20 – 30 minutes is better and more pliable.

Adding the following in the daily routines help – a lot indeed:-

  1. Ground Flax Seeds -:- ½ teaspoon dissolved in a cup of water – immediately before the breakfast.
  2. Turmeric Powder -:- ½ teaspoon mixed in a cup of skimmed milk – at bed time.

Following is a link to Exercise and Diabetes at “Joslin Centre” (the foremost institution for Diabetes Management and Research in the world).

For the common interest;

Sir Muhammad ZafrUllah Khan, r.a., was registered at Joslin Centre and back then he was a patient of (Late) Dr. Joslin (himself).

(Personally) I am out of my routines for past some time and request you to please remember me in your prayers, wishes or thoughts – whatever you may like to call it. Thanks.

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