Sri Lanka to demolish mosque and Hindu temple following protest by extremist Buddhist monks

Source: Washington post

Photo credit: AP

DAMBULLA, Sri Lanka — Sri Lankan officials have decided to demolish a mosque and a Hindu temple under pressure from Buddhist monks who demanded their removal from a Buddhist sacred area.

Ruling party lawmaker Lakshman Perera said Monday that the places of worship and other buildings will be relocated to sites outside the designated sacred zone within six months. Thousands of Buddhist monks and lay supporters stormed the mosque in the central Sri Lankan town of Dambulla on Friday, saying it was constructed illegally. They forced their way into the building and damaged some furniture, dispersing only after officials promised a solution on Monday.

Mohamed Saleemdeen, a board member of the mosque, denied it was an illegal building and said it had been there long before the area was declared a sacred zone about 20 years ago.

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  1. President Mahinda Rajapaksa praising Muslims for their role in nation building.
    A muslim politician trying to bolster his political image: M.L.A.M. Hizbullah, Deputy Minister of Child Development & Women’s Affairs

    Who is real enemy of muslims? Ask us to vote for you just for your religion, and you desert us when we are in utter crisis? An atheist, A Hindu, A Christian, A Jew, A Budhist is far better than a muslim politician. At least if someone stabs your back, you will die only for once! Moreover it’s mostly fair minded non-muslims who have guts to protest at such acts. At least Indian muslims experience speaks so.
    Mr Godbole the Cabinet Secretary during the tenure of Prime Minister Narsimha Rao writes in his autobiography that on December 6, 1992, the day Babri mosque was demolished, after the demolition was over, PM Rao held a meeting of cabinet ministers at night. In the meeting he asked each minister to give his views on the demolition of the mosque. When it was the turn of the then two Muslim cabinet ministers, Jafar Shareef and Ghulam Nabi Azad, they said nothing about the demolition. The only ministers who condemned the demolition were two secular Hindu ministers Scindia and Fotedar. This is how Muslim ministers behave on the most serious issues of the Muslim community.

    We live in a world where survival of the fittest happens. Mansions of luxury are built on the dead bodies of those who fall behind. Muslim politicians are the most hateful of all politicians unless they are proven secularist and unbiased. Anyways, only pray that Srilankan Muslims will find peace and their live, property and dignity of muslim women is not at stake.

  2. And this picture will end up being photoshoped and portrayed by muslim haters as ‘islamist extremists’! May Allah(swt) help Hindus, Budhists and Muslims of Srilanka to reconcile with each other and live peacefully. Aameen!

  3. Inter faith harmony is the basic necessity of our world. As the world is changing into a global village so every one should open his heart for the truth and make the research for the Real Religion.
    Every one should appreciate the efforts of all the organizations of the world including Ahmadiyya Islamic Community for their efforts of interfaith harmony as they even offered their own worship places for worship the God to other religions believers.

  4. Such event has happened in 2011 too. In fact Sri lankan Muslims were harassed by both LTTE terrorist organization led government in north Sri lanka, but their fate is no different in Singhalese led rest of Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka Buddhist monks destroy Muslim shrine in 2011

    Muslims in Afghanistan destroy Buddha(a.s.) statues.
    And Malaysia destroys Buddhist temples in 2011.

    I guess majority is in favor of peace, but unfortunate that extremists still end up succeeding in their ambitions!

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