Peter Diamandis’s Lessons on Abundance and Exponential Thinking

Source: Huffingtonpost

By Kay Koplovitz

I didn’t know about the concept of abundance or exponential thinking as I embarked on my career in the ’70s. I was just looking for something that would capture my attention and passion. Something beyond a job or even a career. Oh yes, I needed a job because I needed to find a way to “pay the rent” and other basic needs. But the job was just a path to passion.

I found my beacon of light in scientist and science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, who invented geosynchronous orbiting satellites just after the Second World War. He saw them come to fruition in 1965, when the first ones were launched. When I heard Clarke lecture on “the power of geosynchronous satellites” shortly thereafter, I found the idea that captivated me and would never let me go. It was global communications delivered via satellite with only three satellites that appeared to be “stationary” above the earth at 22,300 miles in space. These three “geosynchronous-orbiting satellites” could communicate with any location on Earth.

It was the time of the Cold War. We didn’t know much about what was behind the Berlin wall or the Great Wall of China. I became obsessed with the idea of instant global communications, and went on to write my Master’s Thesis on the impact these satellites would have on communications, governments and cultures. Esoteric and far-fetched then? Definitely. The vision materialized for me when I was fortunate to work in the industries that were needed to pull these factors together — satellites, television and cable. They were all critical to launch the first basic cable network delivered nationally via satellite and cable in 1977 — Madison Square Garden Sports, which later became USA Network.

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