Why don’t Ahmadis join non-Ahmadi prayer services?


Another objection that is raised concerns the prayers. Why don’t Ahmadi Muslims pray behind a non-Ahmadi Imam? They are purposely creating division in Islam and do not want to be with other Muslims?

This is a very sad affair, but we need to look to the history and we see that in fact it was the other way around!  The Mullahs (Muslim clergies) in India stopped Ahmadi Muslims from joining their prayer services and even stopped them from entering the Mosque. They told mainstream Muslims that they must not go to an Ahmadi Mosque and that their prayers behind an Ahmadi Imam (the person who leads the congregational prayers) would be invalidated. They encouraged the Muslims to beat up any Ahmadi Muslim found praying in their Mosques and if found, they would often then wash the floor as they felt that the Mosque had been violated and become impure.

It was due to this situation that the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, directed his followers to arrange to hold their prayer service separately and prevent any disorder happening in the Mosques. The Mosque is a place for prayer and worship and nothing should be done to upset the tranquility and sanctuary of the Mosque.

It is also worthy to note that this injunction came after 11 years of the initiation of Ahmadiyya Community, when the situation became intolerable and safety was paramount. By this time, the situation was such that the Mullahs were directing Muslims that they shouldn’t have any interaction with Ahmadi Muslims. They should not go to their Mosques, should not respond to their Islamic salutation greetings of peace, they should not eat any of their food etc.


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  1. Once a Tablighi Jammat along with my Non-Ahmadi friend visited me on my house.I served them biscuits and tea after that I asked the head of that group that if they want to say any thing as your tradition. They said collectively no, today they all like to listen you. I said ok, then I want to tell you that Ahmadies are true Muslims, Same Kalmma , Same Qur’an, same Qibla / Kabba, same believe in Sahih Ahadeeths.Then they said what is the actual difference then I said actually We believe that Qur’an is the Last Sharia ( Holly Book)and Muhammad ( S.A) is the Last Sharia Prophet but you are waiting for Messiah-E-Musvi that was also having his own Sharia, Injeel/Bible.
    While Ahmadies believe in Messiah-E-Muhammadi and Immam Al-Mehdi came within Um-ah on the agreed prescribed time ( start of 14th Islamic Century)He is the follower of Qur’an as a Last Sharia and follower of Muhammad as the last Sharia Prophet.
    But Non-Ahmadi waiting Messiah-E-Musvi.
    They all were surprised and gave no answer rather they promised to contact their higher schollars (Ulemma)to get answer.

    At the last they question me,” Why Ahmadi not join the prayer service with Non Ahmadies” I replied them that We are ready to pray together but it is the right of a believer of Imam Al-Medi and The believer of Messiah-E-Muhammadi to Lead the prayer as a Leader ( Imam ) others to follow.

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